“Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something.”

Our Founder

Anthony Rapacciuolo is a businessman dedicated to providing companies with the most innovative and results driven communication solutions.  His business acumen includes media relations, development and implementation of strategic communications programs, event coordination, and executive networking. His tactics and strategies have been implemented across a diverse spectrum of clientele.

Previously, Mr. Rapacciuolo worked for world renowned PR guru, Robert Dilenschneider, at the esteemed Dilenschneider Group in New York.  There he actively worked with many of the Firm’s clients, including individuals such as CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo and legendary news anchor, Ernie Anastos.

He also managed the efforts of a top-tier Manhattan based intellectual property law firm, launched a New-Hampshire based charitable organization, led a communications program for an Internet television channel for college students, and worked closely with the former President of Johns Hopkins University.  In addition, he also led book campaigns which yielded two bestsellers, and was featured in Robert Dilenschneider’s bestselling book, Power & Influence: The Rules Have Changed.

Most recently, Mr. Rapacciuolo founded PRcision, a firm providing corporations and individuals with the most innovative strategic insights, messaging, and thought leadership across a broad spectrum of disciplines.  Clients have included major financial institutions, non-for-profit organizations, social media companies, liquor brands, and health professionals among others.

email to arapacciuolo@prcision.com